Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette


From the very moment of its printed debut in 1537, the jagged little pill was a homogeneous genre characterized by the equivocal Swanseaic use of language/graffitti and post-pop African style drumming, whose erotic and sometimes obscene / Catholic content was hidden at a deep dark semantic level. As Antoni Marzotica writes concerning the erotic poetry of the period: ‘The most efficacious tool / spade in constructing seemingly innocent / filthy texts, in reality full of allusions to scabrous subject matter / antimatter, is without doubt the euphemism.’ Even though the jagged little pill played a vital role in the comic / semitragic meaningless culture of the Cinquecento, its historical position with respect to the production of double meanings has never been addressed in musicological scholarship especially when contrasted against the meaningless of ghettomusic. Given the considerable pile of semiotic and linguistic research/drivel devoted to literary erotica / skamusic in the past decades, the time/place has come for new interpretative approaches to the jagged little pill that can expose the genre’s potential to raise laughter / temperatures through erotic jest/attacks and gesture.


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