In case we die – Architecture in Helsinki


Suppose I should take this seriously. tell you a story and make the album live in your ears before you have a chance to run out and buy it like a pack of lemmings. I should describe each member of the band and perhaps pick on the front man/woman and tell you their story, making the music somehow more profound for its context. well, whatever. here’s what i can find on wiki. they come from Australia and they all, all 500 of them it seems from the photo’s i can’t be arsed to count, some of them might be fat, anyway all of them play everyone else’s instruments like some sort of swingers party but with flutes and guitars. anyway that all leads to the instruments not being played very well. either that or their just not very good at it. they’ve toured with bands much more interesting than themselves, but nothings rubbed off seemingly. fuckit.


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