Technolotics up for a Vidcast Award


Seems like Technolotics has been nominated (not by me, I’d have picked a better episode!) for a Vidcast Award at this years Irish blog awards. If you liked the show, you can vote for it here. We were nominated for two episodes, clearly in a sly attempt to split the hordes of eager voters, so just select Episode #44 – Flying Naked if you don’t have a preference.

While you’re at it, if you’re short on recommendations you could do worse than throw in a vote for..

Two Irish Geeks for best podcaster.

Sinead Gleeson for Best Art and Culture, and Best Music Blog.

Tuppenceworth for Best Politics Blog.

TCAL or Tuppenceworth for Best Group Blog.

Bernie Goldbach, or Simon McGarr for Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere.

Tom Rafferty, James Corbett or Bernie Goldbach for Best Technology Blogger.


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