Better late than never


Just came across this article, via the swearing lady [subscription required]. Apparently Technolotics was mentioned in ye olde paper blog, The Irish Times.

If many young students are not yet using modern technology to express themselves, three have done so successfully. is billed as an irreverent look at technology, politics and the media by three Irish students and for a year it stood as one of the few Irish videoblogs.

Technolotics is cheap and cheerful and it proves an important point. Viewers don’t need RTE-grade production values to engage with new personalities. Technolotics found an audience.

Makes me happy and sad at the same time. At last a media mention from someone we hadn’t met personally, but unfortunately a little after the ship has sailed. Sadly it doesn’t look like a Trinity Digicast society is going to become a reality this year, but who knows, perhaps after this whole final year project ship has sailed, I’ll have the energy for another podcast or vidcast project. There are definitely more avenues to explore in this space than are currently getting attention, particularly in the sketch comedy area.


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