D.U. Digicast Society


Starting Wednesday, we’re making a brave and foolhardy attempt at setting up a digicast society in Trinity. All are welcome to come to the inaugural meeting, and non Trinity students are more than welcome to join – if and when the society gains approval from the college’s Central Society Committee. Here’s the spiel.

The proposed ‘D.U. Digicast Society’ would….

1) Provide students with an opportunity to learn how to produce podcasts, vidcasts, and blogs.

2) Work with other groups to distribute their creative work to a world wide audience.

3) Create an online forum, where visitors from around the world can hear, see, read and critique great original content.

Essentially the society would commission and host podcasts and vidcasts – providing members with the training and equipment necessary to enable them to both produce their ideas and bring them to a wider audience.

What’s in it for you? If you are interested in getting content online, we’d like to talk to you. It could be a recital of out of copyright music, a performance of original songs, a written article, or a documentary or feature film you have produced..The list is almost endless.
While we aim to produce our own content; We’re also very enthusiastic about opening up access to the publicity and distribution resources enabled by the internet.

Our initial meeting to gather input and interest in the society will be on Wednesday 3rd of May at 7.30pm in the Swift Lecture Theatre, in the Arts Block in Trinity College Dublin.


3 thoughts on “D.U. Digicast Society

  1. Gareth says:

    When you become as famous, nay lauded as I, you too shall know the pain of having to create a distance from your adoring public via the horror of comments. Alas the lone antagonistic nut and the spam bot, have ruined the true freedom of immediate expression for my legion of adoring acolytes.

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