Justin Hall is a fascinating character. One of the pioneers of blogging, and amongst the first to see the potential of the web as a truly interactive medium – a hyper enhancement of human communication, and an experiment in group consciousness. This view, long considered naive and vaguely communist, is once again returning to vogue – even John C. Dvorak, that arch cynic, wrote recently advocating the “do it yourself” nature of web2.0 communities and services. Hall, currently attending a graduate interactive media course at USC, has launched a research blog focusing on interaction, gaming and the web. For my money its as compelling and informative a read as Malcolm Gladwell’s blog.

This weeks technolotics is out. We appear to be having some irresolvable (or rather undiscoverable) problem with the audio RSS feed; if you’re having difficulties getting the show – please mail me, and download the show directly from


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