Digicast Society


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about setting up a Trinity Digicast Society. This society would have a three pronged focus. One, facilitating the student production of blogs, podcasts and vidcasts. Two, providing learning opportunities for students interests in media production, citizen media, and digicasting in general. Three, Digial Rights Advocacy.

Society application documents.



  • Email address registered – digicast.society@gmail.com

To Do

CSC Meeting Notes

Draft digisoc constitution

Mail to Societies

Society addresses

Poster Ideas

Digicast Explainer

Role of Digicast Soc

  • Three Pillars


  • Providing students with production experience in a media environment
  • teaching cutting edge citizen media production techniques
  • Digital Rights & Copyfight education

Student Voice

  • Providing a digital platform for the production and dissemination of student media


  • Advocating for digital rights – ala D.R.I, Open Rights Group, EFF

Time Table

  • Attend committee meeting of Matrix, Netsoc, Film Makers, Pubs, Music Soc, Digital Arts
    • Drum up interest and co-operation
  • Get 100 signitures for CSC society application
  • Host meeting – to explain idea of society and gain student interest
  • Make preparations for proposal to CSC
    • more detailed equipment budget with explanations
    • detailed written explanation of citizen journalism, blogging, vidcasting etc

Channel Ideas

  1. Sports
  2. Irish
  3. Technology
  4. Humour
  5. Personal Perspectives – e.g.: erasmus students
  6. Animation
  7. Movie Review
  8. TN – Interviews, Perspective, Politics etc
  9. Mail in chatshow / gossip / student problems
  10. Trinity Rumours / Gossip
  11. Environment / Human Rights
  12. Mix and Match Cast
  13. Music – Trinity Bands, Orchestra Recordings, Music Soc Gigs, Trinity Ball Interviews

Arguments Prempting Potential Opposition

Societies which already Assume these functions

  • Filmmakers – produce features => different focus -> production of a small number of (relatively) expensive productions
  • DC Soc – producing large amount of inexpensive continuing series -> focus on distribution as much as production
  • Netsoc / Matrix – Office computing and internet societies. No current podcasting involvement. Discourage heavy bandwidth use.
  • DC Soc – Media focused -> internet as an enabling tool.
  • TFM – Produce on air and online radio shows. Broadcast 6 weeks a year. Music focused, no video aspect, not editing focused, different equipment needs.
  • DC Soc – Original and CC copyright content focused. Active all accademic year. Recorded vs Live content production.
  • Law Soc – Provide advocacy services for students
  • DC Soc – no provision of legal services. Information provision and advocacy of legal reform.

Committee Roles

  • Chair (Auditor)
  • Secretary (& Chief Technical Officer)
  • Treasurer
  • Educational Officers
  • Ents Officer
  • Educational Co-ordinator
  • Chief Editor
  • Sub Editors
  • Webmaster / Content Manager
  • Graphic
  • Art Consultant
  • Team Co-Ordinator

Society Operations


  • Periodic Classes in
    • Podcasting
    • Blogging
    • Vidcasting
    • RSS / XML
    • Other topics in association with other soc’s – e.g.: recoding live music – with Digital Arts, citizen journalism – with Pubs


  • Primarily of Individual Shows
  • Postering
  • Press Releases
  • Media Interviews
  • TN articles etc
  • Premier Nights – clingfilm style

Production Operations

Applications from Teams / Individuals for show

  • Show Theme
  • Sample Script / outline
  • Team Roles
  • Sponsor(s)

Applications Checked by Committee

  • Always accepted unless show hugely liableous etc (step A exists to enforce preparation)

Show added to Production Schedule

  • Shedule maintained as a collaborative workflow

Show Recorded / Filmed & Edited

  • Primarily by show team
  • May occur using soc’s equipment – or have been done previously (e.g.: short film submission), or with members own equipment etc

Pilot Reviewed by Exec

  • Check for obscenity, liable etc

Show created on Hub Site

  • RSS Feed created
  • RSS added to master OPML of shows
  • RSS added to mixer channel feed
  • Show added to iTunes etc


Needed Equipment

  1. 4 Digital Video Cameras – Cheap but DV with good sound (small as possible)
  2. Clip on mics * 2
  3. 2 Windows Laptops with Premier
  4. 2 * External HD’s
  5. 2 * Regular Mics
  6. XOR Cables
  7. Mic Stands
  8. Mini Mixer * 1
  9. 3 Cheap Digital Cameras

Pricing of equipment


  • Storage – Dreamhost? Libsyn? CSC? Matrix?

Needed Expertise

  • Audio Editing
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Blogging
  • XML / RSS
  • Backend maintenance / server admin

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