Technolotics #8 – Nintendo Revolution, Web 2.0 and How to Kill the Internet



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Britain makes moves toward totalitarianism

British government proposes up to three month “internment in all but name” (Amnesty international), without charge, for ‘terror suspects’ [1], the equivalent of a 6 month prison sentence, without having been convicted of any crime (Liberty); and a criminal offence of ‘glorifying exalting or celebrating’ any ‘terrorist act’ within the last 20 years, and certain listed acts in perpituity [2]. This goes beyond even the Draconian American Patriot act in removing the right of free speech, and giving government responsibility for which ideas are judged criminal – e.g.: Is writing in support of the Eastern European revolutions which ended communism, or the armed struggle in South Africa to be a crime? What about the socialist movements in South America, which struggled violently against US supported military juntas?

Dutch move toward the total information state

Dutch open files from birth on children. Sensible data synthesis and organisation, or greatest potential for abuse in history? Is this inevitable in other states? [3]

Revolution Controller Announced

Moves fluidly in 3D space, includes lasor pointer (gun) function, expandable with add on peripherals such as stick. Reviews on wired [4], and IGN [5]

Essentially a 3D mouse, will FPS’s finally be playable
Can also be flipped around and used as a pad
Fully wireless
Why do expansions have to be physically connected?
Video [6]

Chinese beauty Produces made from humans

Guardian Unlimited – The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners [7].

How to kill the Internet

How to kill the internet [8]

Steve Gibson alleges the net can be brought down by a DNS attack on the root servers.
Is he a crazy hyperbolic doom sayer. Or the best hope to save the net?

The 6 dumbest ideas in computer security [9]

Bad science in the media

Guardian article discusses sciences sensational reporting and misrepresentation in the media [10]

RNA evolution

To what extent does RNA control our development and evolution? [11]

Another explanation of the role of RNA other non DNA forms of information encoding. [12]

If RNA is so important do RNA virus’s (retrovirus’s) alter the behaviour of carriers to facilitate transmission? This slashdot comment points to a number of studies evidencing that the HIV virus may make specific changes through RNA to the structure of the brain, encouraging viral transmission. [13]

The Web 2.0

Wikipedia explanations of RSS [14], Webfeeds [15], Web Syndication [16], and the Web 2.0 [17]

Coral Content [18] and Dijjer [19] could solve the bandwidth problems of citizen media. But more than that, open a path to the ‘walled gardens’ of the net.

Microsoft [20], My Yahoo [21], and Google Hompage [22]; RSS, search and mail portals (online aggregators)

Google launches blog service [23]

Undoubtedly this will be more comprehensive than technorati, but lacking the trackback (google has historically been quite poor at indexing linkto’s).
Ignores robot’s file – my blog is indexed.

Yahoo mail beta [24]

Media Pimp

Jason: Meebo [25]
Gareth: International talk like a pirate day [26]
Francis: Eating Odd Stuff [27]


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