Trinity FM Timetable from 2005

Monday 21st – Friday 25th November

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9.00am – 11.00am Breakfast Show Bren Starts The Week Kat’s Morning Wake Up With Affifa and Breid Ratty and The Mole Colm Browning
11.00am – 12.00pm Hangover Cure Jonny Drennan – In It For The Glory Stephan Kerrane – Indie Show One World Mair Williams Maggie Nylan – ‘The Green Room’
12.00pm – 13.00pm Film Review Show Film Show Film Show Film Show Film Show Film Show
13.00pm – 2.00pm Lunchtime News Review Joes One Man Sextacular Marianne Roche News Show Alex Christe-Miller Presents – Yo FM News Show
2.00pm – 3.00pm The List Joes One Man Sextacular Martin Djiango – African Music Hour Stephen and Brendan Miles Amoore Ciaran Has A Radio Show
3.00pm – 4.00pm Eclectic The Jaunty Show An Afternoon without Tom Lehrer Carolyn Power Stephan Kerrane Enda Coyle – Croque Soc Rocks
4.00pm – 5.00pm Irish Hour Irish Show Irish Show Irish Show Irish Show Irish Show
5.00pm – 6.30pm Current Affairs The Sisters Bohan Mark Hughes Current Affairs Show Current Affairs Show Richard Doran – Hour of Power
6.30pm – 7.00pm Sports Sports Show Sports Show Sports Show Sports Show Sports Show
7.00pm – 8.00pm Music Tara Austin and Her Amazing Sister Hughie Molloy Dave & Rob’s Laugh Inducing Hour Paul Bond Claire Armstrong – Finally On Radio
8.00pm – 9.00pm Eclectic Erin Wingo – ‘Roadkill Cafe’ The Vikki Merdith Show Paddy and Dan Continue to Offend Patrick Bodenham Digital Arts Soc
9.00pm – 10.00pm Eclectic Fresh and Clean Niamh – The Things You Need to Hear Guy Larosche, DJ extrodinaire DURNS Do T:FM Bren and Friends
10.00pm – 12.00am Eclectic Cillian Murphy O’Hogan’s Late Show Dunc and Andy’s Show of Wonderment Nick Johnson Plastic Soul Steve Clark Kick the Kat – Gareth and Bren

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