Psych Sex Group Notes

This is the working page for the JSSH group research project – Sexual Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours. <p/> You can access our yahoo group by clicking here

Report Structure

What needs to be done

  • Questionaire – compilation
  • Make contact with schools / obtain permission for questionaire & focus groups
  • Collate materials for focus groups: magazine clipings, audio-visual clips etc
  • Arrange interview schedule with professionals
  • Design semi-structured interviews

What everyone is working on

Library Resources

I’ve spent a while looking through the (poor) available literature in the library, and I’ve compiled a list of available texts conceared with sexual behavior in teenagers Psych Sex Group Library

Qualitative Research

The Psych Sex Group Qualitative contains information on qualitative research as it applies to this group project.

Useful texts on Qualitative Research are listed in Psych Sex Group Library

Qualitative Research Dialog

Our Relexivity Statements are here – Psych Sex Group ReflexivityPsych Sex Group Reflexivity II

As a part of our ongoing qualitative research dialog, we are recording the development of the project.

A diary of the groups meetings, and the evolution of the project is here – Psych Sex Group Diary

Presentation ideas

Presentation Outline

  • Use the 1950’s American sex education DVD that Conor has
  • Play some really corny 80’s love songs & reinact something.. funny.
  • I think its important to make the presentation funny, entertaining but also informative and factual

Detailed Ideas

  1. Cultural – OC Glamour vs scanger reality – copying and contradicting
  2. Educational context – awkward teacher trying to give sex education – lots of puns etc and drawn out analogies to rabbit and birds and bees
  3. Social and Health – Sid James Dr. Clinic – Pervy Doctor – Carry on Innuendo
  4. Psychological / Physiological – Bowlby and Freud have an erudite discussion which desends to gross genturing and acting out

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