The Invisible Tourguide

A new podcast guide to the unexplored Dublin.


Trinity College Dublin’s three decade old Satire magazine, which I’m assistant editing this year. PDF of Issue 1.

Piranha! Magazine 2008-2009


Jackdaw Fool

A humorous novel I’m collaboratively writing with the wonderful Mr. Andrew Booth.


A humorous show which discussed the latest technology and political developments reported online and in the mainstream media, endeavouring to frame them in greater depth (and with less effort at political ‘neutrality’) than other podcasts. Also Irelands first regular vidcast.


Jackdaw Reviews

Postmodern satirical reviews.

Youtube Videos
Variety of gig videos and comedy bits.

City Insect

The most vital electronic band of the 90’s, revealed here in all their glory. Lead artist Vinge Contemplative was a close friend, and his decision to dissolve the band had a devastating impact on my ability to perform as a man.

Collected Music
A collection of mp3’s. Primarily from sessions of Kick the Kat; a radio show I hosted on Trinity FM in 2003/4.

Satellites Over Pluto
Variety of photos taken over the years. More on flickr.

Sketches and Photoshop stuff.

A variety of sites I’ve created and maintained.

Old QBasic games and programmes I created in the early 90’s.


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