Press Release

Press Release

The Invisible Tour Guide, home grown Irish comedy show launches

Dublin, Ireland – February 16th, 2009

The Invisible Tour Guide, an innovative new Irish comedy series, launches today. The show is the first ever location based comedy- a parody of museum & gallery tours which follows the listener into the real world, freed from the restriction of a static theatre or sound stage. Writer and performer Gareth Stack, fuses the expertly misinformed tone of American humorists like John Hodgman, with the character based satire of British comedians like Steve Coogan. Each week, your guide ‘Professor Byron Frump’, a pompously aristocratic art historian (think Lord Melvin Bragg), takes you on a whirlwind tour, lying brazenly about Irish history, culture and art.

Each 45 minute show will be available weekly, on the Invisible Tour Guide website, and on iTunes. Ten shows are planned in this first series, with The National Gallery, Trinity College, and The National Museum at Collin’s Barracks providing the first locations.

The Invisible Tour Guide is written and performed by Gareth Stack, a former assistant editor of Analogue Music Magazine, and current assistant editor of Piranha! TCD’s controversial comedy magazine. Gareth previously produced, wrote and co-presented Ireland’s first comedy podcast ‘Technolotics’ (, and is currently co-writing Ireland first online novel ‘Jackdaw Fool’ ( Gareth has recently graduated college at far too old an age to do anything but become quickly famous.

Review copies of unreleased shows are available on request.


Gareth Stack
The Invisible Tour Guide
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Invisible Tour Guide 2 Byron-2 background


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