Presentation Outline

Scene One: Intro

Opening scene, room in darkness, prime time music plays, straight man in the spotlight. General introduction of whole play given by straight man. Intro to scene 1 given by straight man

Scene 2: Education Context

American sex ed dvd Clip “Sex has a pricetag” clip Intro of “the state of play in Ireland today” by straightman, followed by a pre-recorded phone conversation between trinity student and teacher. Teacher then enters classroom, where girls are discussing sex (using info from focus groups), teacher addresses class, todays lesson is sex ed, very awkward & backward information given by teacher, Q & A’s between girls, very dismissive uninformative answers given. Back to straight man, sarcatic comment, prime time music.

Scene 3: Social and Health

Shopkeeper behind counter. At door, boy (15) and Girl (16)meet, they know each other, talk about going on dates that night, must make point that boy is younger, maybe he is a friend of the girls younger brother. Boy is first in queue, buys condoms without problem, girl next in queue, shopkeeper wont give her condoms because legally boys can have sex and buy contraception at age 15 but girls cannot until they are 17. Back to straightman.

Scene 3: Physiological/ Psychological

straightman introduces the undercover special, he has gone undercover at old wesley rugby club to see what kids today get up to and will have a panel discuss what they see. in this scene there will be the wesley sign, footage of people going to the disco and then straightman sees a gay couple kissing and a young heterosexual couple fondling, then sums up what he has seen. Back to the studio. David Norris, Eamonn Dunphy and Miriam O Callaghan will all take fairly liberal stances on what they see. The old granny will be shocked and appalled.

Scene 4: Cultural

Straightman introduces this section with the idea of the difference between sex as portrayed in the media and sex in real life. Give some information about where people get their information and why people have sex for the first time. This is followed by a clip of brendan and chiaras first sexual experience. The clip will show them sitting awkwardly on a couch, having a drink, topic approached very awkwardly. They talk about whether they love each other and then decide to have sex…bang heads etc., then zoom to photo frame, sound effects of banging etc. On stage 2girls(Chiara incl.) and 2 boys (brendan incl) are talking about the experience. Their experiences need to reflect what has been found in the questionnaires and focus groups e.g. main reasons for sex, love & fun, girls carrying condoms makes her easy, contraception. songs for each, maybe christina aguilera “dirty” and “i can’t live, if living is without you”


Scene 5: Summary

Back to straight man for a summary of the presentation

Scene 6: End

We all sing the brady bunch with pics of the nine of us in background


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