Choices Radio Sitcom

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The world of mental health is a crazy place. I should know, I spent six years studying psychology and psychotherapy. Not to say my new series is autobiographical, but you couldn’t make up some of the things that go on in the world of soul surgery. ‘Choices‘, recorded last year for Dublin City FM, tells the story of a young psychotherapy student, at sea in a bizarre world of frauds and fanatics.

Here’s the blurb…

Ainesh Sharma is an under confident, over intellectual Indian-Irish twenty something. Ainesh has always been a victim of circumstance; working jobs he didn’t enjoy and failing to live up to his potential. Now, sacked from his factory job and thrown out of home by his disappointed parents, Ainesh is forced to train as a psychotherapist. His course is in ‘Choosing Therapy’, the philosophy that we choose our own destiny, and that everything that happens is our fault. With nowhere to stay, Ainesh is forced to live with two of his bizarre classmates. We follow him as he learns whether there really is such a thing as choice, and if so, how he can make his own destiny.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what really goes on after your shrink smiles, pats you on the rump and closes the door behind you, tune in to find out.

Choices is the latest comedy series from Dead Medium Productions, creators of Any Other Dublin, The Emerald Arts, Been There; Seen There, and The Invisible Tour Guide.

Choices was funded by a grant from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. The show stars Kieran Roche, Aishlinn O’Byrne, Katie McCann, Dylan Jones, Terri Fitzgerald and Gareth Stack, and was produced by Heather MacLeod. Choices broadcast May / June 2014 on Dublin City FM, at 3.30PM.