Kick The Kat Playlist

What is it?

Kick the Kat is an every now and then radio show on Dublins student radio station, Trinity FM.

Next Show

The next show is broadcast on Tuesday the 4th of September 2005; from 10pm – 12pm GMT, on 97.3FM in Dublin city centre, and online on the Trinity FM website [1].

Guesting will be ‘Billy Fitzgerald’, lead singer of Sligo band ‘The Dead Flags’, who have toured with artists like ‘The Frames ‘ and ‘Damien Rice’, and have been described by Frames frontman Glen Hansard as “The saviours of Irish metal”.


In no particular order and very rough..
The work in progress playlist for the next show is as follows..


  1. Saint Etienne – Only love can break us apart
  2. Ravonettes – Little Animals
  3. Babyshambles – Fuck Forever
  4. Rolling Stones – ?
  5. PJ Harvey – Sheela Ne Gig
  6. Something from lost in translation soundtrack
  7. Bowie – Modern Love
  8. Art of Noise – ?
  9. Ben Lee – Catch my disease
  10. Brian Jonestown Massacre – ?
  11. Joanna Newsom – ?
  12. Moutain Goats – ?
  13. Fiona Apple – ?
  14. Golen Smog – ?
  15. Gorillaz – ?
  16. The Microphones – The moon (acoustic)
  17. Nick Drake – Fly (?)
  18. Pearl Jam – Live in Benaroya Hall
  19. Sigur Ros – Untitled 4
  20. Songs Ohia – Tigress
  21. Strip Squad – Pervert Expert
  22. Sufjan Stephens – John Wayne Gacy Jr
  23. Tom Waits – Hold On
  24. Troubled Hubble – Nancy
  25. White Stripes – Joleen
  26. Eric Idle – Fuck the FCC

Past Shows

For inane and artistically offensive legal reasons, past shows are not available.

However, an archive and podcast of past live sets is maintained here [2]


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