Key Texts

Teen Sexual Behaviour Texts

Sexual Behavior in Britain: The national Survey.. (1994)
Lecky, Lending LEN301.41 N4992;1
I’ve printed out the relevent chapters
Sexual behavior and family life in transition (1978)
Lecky, Arts 301.427 L83
Teenage Kicks?: Young People and Alcohol (2001) Time Newburn
Stacks, PL-365-137
Teenage Living and Loving (1976) James Hemingway
Santry, PB-4-117
The Adolescent and Pregnancy (1987) Jerrilyn H.Meyer
John Stearne Library – St James Hospital, SJR 618.2 M73
Adolescent Sexualities: Overviews and Principles of Intervension (1986) Paula Allen Meares, David A Shore
Santry, HL-148-665
Adolescent Sexuality: A study of Attitudes and Behavior (1980) Helen F.Antonovsky
Berkley, 155.5 M01
Focuses on Israel – very out of date
Adolescent Sexuality (1993) Ed. Thomas P. Gullotta, Gerald P. Adams
Lecky, Len/Arts 301.41 N399991;1
I’ve printed out the relevent chapters


Qualitative Research Sources

All these text are available in the Berkeley Psych Library, on the right hand side of Shelf 6

The library can be searched online from here [[1]]

Introducing Qualitative Research in Psychology. Adventures in Theory and Methods (2001) Willing. C
Open University. Philadelphia

The Psychology Research Handbook. A Guide for Graduate Students and Research Assistants (1996) Frederick T.L Leong, James Austin
Sage. London

Psychological Research. Innovative Methods and Statistics (1996) Ed. John Haworth
Routledge. London

Transforming Qualitative Data. Description, Analysis, and Interpretation (1993) H.F.Wolcott
Sage. California

Research methods in psychology (2003) John J. Shaughnessy, Eugene B. Zechmeister, Jeanne S. Zechmeister. (6th Edition)


Useful reports

Jones, E.F, et all (1985) Teenage Pregnancies in developed countries: Determinants and policy implications. Family planning perspectives, 17, 53 -63.
Levels of Teen Pregnancy in Britain compared to those in Europe


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