Essay Writing Tips

1. Read core text / notes / papers

  • not all papers immediately, primary review papers
  • make notes on each, outliner, paper or word document
  • add own ideas in both (or highlighted whatever)
  • if a structure emerges, use it

2. Create Essay.doc, reffs.txt, notes.txt

  • continually save and backup from USB to PC / email

3. Search Science Direct, Web of Science, Google Scholar etc

  • save and annote (in reffs) useful abstracts & papers
  • take down DOI of papers
  • anotation should be v.brief summary of relevance

4. Structure essay around primary note topics + research topics emerging from web search

  • begin essay
  • state objectives
  • state structure
  • briefly introduce area
  • 5 paragraphs
  • 3 points each
  • good flow
  • conclusion
  • finally introduction

5. Add references

  • making sure all copy and paste artifacts are removed (e.g.: next term)
  • print out and read

6. Restructure, reedit and proof as needed
7. Space (1.5), print, and final proof

  • print cover sheet
  • insert in plastic cover
  • hand up, you’re done!

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