DU Digicast Society

These documents were created during the formation of the proposed digicast society in TCD.

Role of Digicast Soc

  • Three Pillars


  • Providing students with production experience in a media environment
  • teaching cutting edge citizen media production techniques
  • Digital Rights & Copyfight education

Student Voice

  • Providing a digital platform for the production and dissemination of student media


  • Advocating for digital rights – ala D.R.I, Open Rights Group, EFF

Time Table

  • Attend committee meeting of Matrix, Netsoc, Film Makers, Pubs, Music Soc, Digital Arts
    • Drum up interest and co-operation
  • Get 100 signitures for CSC society application
  • Host meeting – to explain idea of society and gain student interest
  • Make preparations for proposal to CSC
    • more detailed equipment budget with explanations
    • detailed written explanation of citizen journalism, blogging, vidcasting etc

Channel Ideas

  1. Sports
  2. Irish
  3. Technology
  4. Humour
  5. Personal Perspectives – e.g.: erasmus students
  6. Animation
  7. Movie Review
  8. TN – Interviews, Perspective, Politics etc
  9. Mail in chatshow / gossip / student problems
  10. Trinity Rumours / Gossip
  11. Environment / Human Rights
  12. Mix and Match Cast
  13. Music – Trinity Bands, Orchestra Recordings, Music Soc Gigs, Trinity Ball Interviews

Arguments Prempting Potential Opposition

Societies which already Assume these functions

  • Filmmakers – produce features => different focus -> production of a small number of (relatively) expensive productions
  • DC Soc – producing large amount of inexpensive continuing series -> focus on distribution as much as production
  • Netsoc / Matrix – Office computing and internet societies. No current podcasting involvement. Discourage heavy bandwidth use.
  • DC Soc – Media focused -> internet as an enabling tool.
  • TFM – Produce on air and online radio shows. Broadcast 6 weeks a year. Music focused, no video aspect, not editing focused, different equipment needs.
  • DC Soc – Original and CC copyright content focused. Active all accademic year. Recorded vs Live content production.
  • Law Soc – Provide advocacy services for students
  • DC Soc – no provision of legal services. Information provision and advocacy of legal reform.

Committee Roles

  • Chair (Auditor)
  • Secretary (& Chief Technical Officer)
  • Treasurer
  • Educational Officers
  • Ents Officer
  • Educational Co-ordinator
  • Chief Editor
  • Sub Editors
  • Webmaster / Content Manager
  • Graphic
  • Art Consultant
  • Team Co-Ordinator

Society Operations


  • Periodic Classes in
    • Podcasting
    • Blogging
    • Vidcasting
    • RSS / XML
    • Other topics in association with other soc’s – e.g.: recoding live music – with Digital Arts, citizen journalism – with Pubs


  • Primarily of Individual Shows
  • Postering
  • Press Releases
  • Media Interviews
  • TN articles etc
  • Premier Nights – clingfilm style

Production Operations

Applications from Teams / Individuals for show

  • Show Theme
  • Sample Script / outline
  • Team Roles
  • Sponsor(s)

Applications Checked by Committee

  • Always accepted unless show hugely liableous etc (step A exists to enforce preparation)

Show added to Production Schedule

  • Shedule maintained as a collaborative workflow

Show Recorded / Filmed & Edited

  • Primarily by show team
  • May occur using soc’s equipment – or have been done previously (e.g.: short film submission), or with members own equipment etc

Pilot Reviewed by Exec

  • Check for obscenity, liable etc

Show created on Hub Site

  • RSS Feed created
  • RSS added to master OPML of shows
  • RSS added to mixer channel feed
  • Show added to iTunes etc


Needed Equipment

  1. 4 Digital Video Cameras – Cheap but DV with good sound (small as possible)
  2. Clip on mics * 2
  3. 2 Windows Laptops with Premier
  4. 2 * External HD’s
  5. 2 * Regular Mics
  6. XOR Cables
  7. Mic Stands
  8. Mini Mixer * 1
  9. 3 Cheap Digital Cameras

Pricing of equipment


  • Storage – Dreamhost? Libsyn? CSC? Matrix?

Needed Expertise

  • Audio Editing
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Blogging
  • XML / RSS
  • Backend maintenance / server admin

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