Digicast Consultancy Business Plan

Skills we have

  • Have produced, written, filmed, performed, and syndicated 24 episodes of Irelands first weekly vidcast / podcast
  • How to cheaply communicate with customers – gain feedback on new product
  • Awareness of viral marketing techniques, internet hosting, blogging / multicasting technologies
  • Gareth – 1 year working in marketing in Peats world of Electronics – customer service, and writing copy for all new products, Journalistic Aspects – Story research, programme presentation, Microphone / Camera skills
  • Francis – Degree in Computer Science UCC 2003, Masters in Ubiquitous Computing TCD 2006, production / development / financing & direction of independent student film, Journalistic Aspects – Story research, programme presentation, Microphone / Camera skills
  • Advanced technical knowledge – experience with blogging tools, CMS, programming technologies (C, C++, Java, XML), branding
  •  ?????? – Marketing experience with mega corp 0, Business experience,

Services we would offer

  • Blogging / Podcasting / Vidcasting
  • All in service – filming (on or off site), producing, editing, and managing the online aspect of new media communication
  • Consultant work – seminars (on site), projects, for hire to add agencies etc
  • Offer cheap, value adding sparkle – increasing brand awareness
    • Case Study: Electronics Store – weekly / monthly technical advice vidcast
    • Case Study: Clothing Store – weekly / monthly highlights of new products / style – equivalent of a mini tv segment – but with self selecting audience – and podcasting cutting edge ‘trendy’ factor
    • Case Study: Indy Record Label / Band – Use website to communicate with and develop a fan base
  • Communication training – writing copy, on camera skills, direction etc
  • Communitiy creation – forums, events, two way communication with customers and audiences allowing customer feedback on products and services.
  • Providing free or supported value adding services.

Investment we would need

  • Essential
    • Editing Software – Final Cut Pro
    • Editing Hardware – Apple Mac G5 Duo Core
    • Budget for online and paper broshure
    • Indemnity – liable insurance, equipment insurance etc
    • Business startup costs – misc – e.g.: accounting, registration of business, domain & site registration, business cards
    • Office Rental & Administration
    • Advertising
  • Non essential but usefull
    • Equipment – HD camcorders, Lights, Boom Mikes, clip on mics

Later Investment

  • Venture Capitol

Market we could serve

  • Organisations
    • who want to build better links to a customer base
    • Non traditional, interactive communications
    • Organisations: Who want to add value to their offerings
  • Advertising agencies, public relations companies etc
  • NGO’s – scouting organisations, citizens rights groups, single issue NGO’s
  • Local & National Government: Politicians – keeping a constituents blog, Parties – internal and electoral casts, government & civil service branches, dail debates organised semantically by speech / topic etc
  • Corporate communications – internal or customer relations – e.g.: IBM’s internal podcast, HP’s Carla Fiorini [1]
  • Small companies – product development and demonstrations – e.g.: companies developing web 2.0 products – email, calender, personal storage etc

Why is this a useful service

  • Massive popularity of video iPod.
  • Enormous growth in internet use.
  • Explosion in podcast / vidcast popularity
  • Internet marketing replacing existing marketing
  • Content creation costs are low.
  • Small to medium sized businesses cannot afford the equipment needed.
    • Investment in google addwords canibalising paper publication adverts
    • Success stories: E.g.: Arctic Monkeys using myspace – releasing tracks online, baby shambles – using web site to provide music, video and blog to fans

Business Development

  • Initially on a small scale
    • Cold calling – business’s we have personal connections to – i.e.: have worked for
    • hiring direct marketing firm to contact a select list of Irish and UK business’s
  • Multiple Tiered Products – initially advice & consultancy, to complete campaign / online presense development and implimentation of multicast / website

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