Credits – The Wall in the Mind


The Wall in the Mind was funded by a grant from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. The series was produced for Newstalk by Dead Medium Productions in 2015.

The programme was recorded on location at A4 Sounds, Martinstown House and in various locations around Dublin and Virginia county Cavan. Narration was recorded at Crazy Dog Audio Theatre Studios in Dublin.

Cast and Crew

Jasmin Gleeson as 1989 Claire.
Mia Gallagher as 2014 Claire.
Sebastian Connellan as Gunter.
Janine Durkop as Nicole.
James O’Connor as Emil.
Dominik Turkowski as 1989 Matthaus.
Sven Moritz as 2014 Matthaus.
Aidan Jordan as Stewart.
Andrew Deering as Kurt Becke.
Dagmar Baar as Hannah Bauman.
Helena Clarke as Claire’s mother.
Roger Gregg as Narrator.

Sound engineer was Colm Coyne.

The series was written, produced and directed by Gareth Stack, with additional material by James Van De Waal.


Shane Connelly
Anya SD
Dirk Schmitte members of the Dublin German Language Group.

Special Thanks

Newstalk, especially Francesca Lalor.
The Irish Museum of Modern Art, especially Kelsey Hazlewood and Janice Hough.
A4 Sounds, especially Matt Hedigan
Teresa, Michael and Sheila Stack.
Martinstown House.
Ed Devane.
Olaf Toast of Die Anderen.
Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt of Sandow.


Theme music and incidental music from Brighton based, Irish born composer and musician Ewan Hennelly, as HERV and ZPG.

Permission kindly granted for Sandow tracks from – Kleeblatt № 23 – Die Anderen Bands release.

Permission kindly granted for Die Anderen tracks from Berlin Radio Tape Eigen `87.

Alexander, Where’s That Band? – Parham-Pickett Apollo Syncopators, 12-1926, Chicago, Illinois.

The Beauty of Winter (Erik Satie – Gnossienne # 1) – performed by Alexander Dings and the Parham-Pickett Apollo Syncopators.

Sound Effects

BAI logo mark colour


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