Gareth Stack is an Irish writer and comedian, who’s been performing standup, alternative comedy and storytelling since 2009. Here’s a list of various projects I’ve done (longer text only bio).

With a group of fellow geeks Gareth began ‘Technolotics’, an internet comedy show about technology and politics in 2005. The show ran for 45 weekly episodes, taking a satirical look at the death of all our civil liberties.

With Andrew Booth, Gareth wrote the 2008 issue of the infamous satire magazine ‘Piranha!’. That year’s issue boiled a storm of controversy in the Irish press, and was officially ‘withdrawn from publication’.

Gareth launched ‘The Invisible Tour Guide’ in 2009. This ongoing podcast series provides fictional tours of historic Dublin, in the company of lunatic Professor Byron Frump and his ever growing family of baroque relatives.

Also in 2009, Gareth began performing standup comedy around Dublin and Ireland. So far he has performed over 60 gigs at a variety of clubs including Aidan Bishop’s International Comedy Club, Andrew Stanley’s Mish Mash, The Capital Comedy Club, The Underground, The Neptune, Laugh Out Loud, Cork’s Craic House and Pat Shortt’s Pub.

In 2010 Gareth launched Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus, an alternative literary and experimental comedy showcase held in the collaborative art centre Exchange Dublin. Each monthly show features a variety of Ireland’s most talented and original writers and performers. Past guests have included Kevin Gildea (Father Ted), Shane Langan (Diet of Worms), Hugh Cooney (Don’t Like Mondays), Colm Keegan (Nighthawks), Kalle Ryan (Brownbread Mixtape), Coilín Oh-Aissieux (Narrative Arts Club), Roger Greg (Crazy Dog Audio Theatre Company), and David Turpin (My Life In Dresses).

2010 also saw the launch of Gareth’s storytelling series ‘Cheaper Than Therapy’, featuring ‘Moth style’ comic anecdotes of romantic disaster. Stories from Cheaper Than Therapy have been featured at a variety of Dublin Storytelling events including Tongue Box (formerly Ra), Scarleh Fer Yer Ma Fer Havin’ Ya, and Milk and Cookie Stories. A workshop performance of a series of stories from the show filled the upstairs in Twisted Pepper, as part of Body Tonic’s ‘Beatyards Comedy Festival‘ in October 2010.

Last year Gareth appeared as a guest on Damon Blake’s live panel show ‘Eat Cake’, and curated the storytelling room at the first ever Milk and Cookie StoriesAfter Dark’ event in the Clarendon Basement in. He also lent his voice to the comedic radio soap opera ‘On The Line’, and the children’s radio series ‘The Urblin Chronicles’, both on Dublin City FM. In a rather contradictory move he also penned a variety of articles for the Irish porn magazine, Blue Ireland.

So far 2011 has meant compering a poetry & wrestling tournament for the Upstart Project; presenting the inaugural Digital Socket Awards, running the storytelling stage at Milk and Cookies After Dark 2, and giving an Ignite talk at Dublin’s Mindfield festival.

He is currently seeking a publisher for his first novel ‘Jackdaw Fool’, a depraved literary parody co-written with Andrew Booth, and his other first novel ‘The Wager’, a ludicrous steampunk revel written with John Hoysted. And producing a comedy radio series for Near FM, to be broadcast in Autumn 2011.

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Praise for material at this site..

‘Gareth Stack Explains Bebo, and Very Well Too!’
John Breslin, Researcher and Lecturer in semantic web and social software, NUI Galway
Founder:, The Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities Project

One of..‘the most original thinkers I’ve spotted on the internet’
Bernie Goldbach, Lecturer Computing and Multimedia, Tipperary Institute, Columnist Irish Examiner
Founder: Underway In Ireland, IrishEyes.

‘If I were a mobile phone company, or a big technology company, I’d hire him for the Summer and hope to suck the goodness out of his brain.’
Simon McGarr, McGarr Solicitors.

‘Gareth Stack has a sophisticated explanation of how the social networking page farm draws users in’
Seamus McCauley, Strategic Analyst at Associated Northcliffe Digital
Founder: Virtual Economics.

“I just finished reading one of your stories, The Cave, and I wanted to tell you that it is really great. Thank you for sharing that; I haven’t read anything so vivid and imaginative in a while.”
Ego Plum, American composer, performer and visual artist.
Founder: Ebola music.

Praise for Technolotics..

“If many young students are not yet using modern technology to express themselves, three have done so successfully. is billed as an irreverent look at technology, politics and the media by three Irish students and for a year it stood as one of the few Irish videoblogs. Technolotics is cheap and cheerful and it proves an important point. Viewers don’t need RTE-grade production values to engage with new personalities. Technolotics found an audience.”
Haydn Shaughnessy, writing in the Irish Times.
Founder: The Content Studio, Media Angle, Haydn Shaughnessy Gallery.


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