Barcamp Ireland 3 – Notes

Viral Social Media Campaigns

Darren BarefootCapulet Communications

Methodologies for traffic generation

  • Flash embeddable flash games, with editable action script, open source / customisable viral advertising
  • Build your social network (e.g.: Corkd) from alpha users, let them use their own workflow services
  • Use third party API’s
  • Viral video contests

Go where the users are

  • Be honest, transparent and authentic
  • Humour works – Alanis My Humps parody – coopted the language of the media – and leveraged celebrity
  • Microblogging – twitter
  • Second life is currently too little return on investment – corps do gain headlines through use, and cost is negligible


  • Editable social media returns to Tim Berners Lee’s original concept of web

Voice 2.0

Sean O SullivanRococo

  • Hotmail’s use of email sig advertising itself led to massive uptake
  • Voice 2.0 services – use network effects, open platforms, mix voice and IP telephony
  • Voice 2.0 companies highly nimble, change business plan often
  • Old Operators are slow, limited API’s (except BT), hard to integrate


Differences from Traditional telephony services

  • People phone people => People phone apps, blogs etc
  • 1 to 1 => 1 to many
  • Geographically specific => Global services
  • Calls happen, then end => Calls live as downloads
  • Calls are for talking => Line between call and SMS blurs


Voice 2.0 Services


  • Freemium business model – small percentage of users paying for premium service
  • most users pay nothing


  • Biggest problem is last three feet – need for a headset
    • expense, corporate peripheral restrictions and technical ignorance


  • Privacy service – hides your real number
  • can have multiple numbers
  • time limited / disposable numbers
  • passes caller ID on
  • Configurable ruleset allows only certain calls through

Grand Central

  • Jangle reversed – one number redirects to other numbers based on ruleset

Chin Swing

  • Uses phones as portable microphone for web chat and recording
  • Non real time chat
  • Super easy podcasting methodology
  • Language learner groups spontaneously formed


  • Music Industry voice blogging and comments
  • Artists / Labels pay to phone in updates from tour etc
    • Fans respond with voice comments
  • Builds artist communities
  • Saynow can also make profit on call ins
  • Religious communities using to keep up with congregation


  • Voice player catcher widget for social networks
  • Banned from myspace
  • Preferred voice comment partner with Bebo


  • Send voice mails
  • Group voice mail, ideal for activity groups – twitter needs groups!
  • Receiver end voice mails complicate the equation
    • no standard amount of beeps, delay after connection, menu navigation buttons
    • pinger attempts to workout if it has connected to voice mail




  • Service run by Rococo
  • Similar to pinger – Twitter for voice
  • Group voice messages
  • Face difficulties with European mobile tariffs (highest in world), voicemail etc
  • Twitteresque stream of voice snippets on front page, social elements
  • Financed by main Java Bluetooth business

Problems & Goals

  • Loss of caller ID on journey through IP networks, SMS delays (up to days), answering services
  • Ruby on Rails, allows super quick prototyping (hours not days)
  • Goal: Revenue from sponsored content

Panel Discussion

  • Irish Elections are organising a blog bar for the elections
    • Linking up with bloggers around the country


Rough notes

Q – How to make money from social web?

  • Tom – Internal blogs, customer communications, internal wiki’s and podcasts, consultancy!
  • Darren – Freemium model
  • Karlin – Someone needs to build customisable social apps for premium small / med business users
  • Adverts more valuable on top rung sites
  • Darren / Sean – Opportunity to simplify implementation for open source software web applications

Q – Getting readership / viewership

  • Sean – a blog grows interest in a product or site
  • Tom – controversy is a short term viewership spike
    • Frequent posting, tagging, link to other sites, read and comment on others, integrate social networks, web2.0 flickr style applications
    • quarterly round up of best posts
  • Karlin – Be in early, get slashdotted (increases google rank), put up hard to find content
    • e.g.: transcripts of Irish TV shows
    • not focused on hits – different perspective – rare posts with great interest
  • Darren – People can tell if you’re hit fishing. Be original and creative and hits will come
    • What about necessity for preexisting celebrity / media crossover

RSS Readers lock in readership and reduce dependence on publishing schedules

  • comments are missing
    • possibly a needed addition to feed readers
  • Darren – long tail of fame
    • is fame a finite commodity?

Some users will happily email but never comment

  • lack of technical comfort – barriers to entry
  • nb: there is no comment link in wordpress – link says No comments or X comments
  • fear of privacy
  • mental models differ – lay people use anchors to comprehend technical concepts
    • may not understand ‘blog’ or ‘comments’, but understand email and web

Recommended book on social media – A Group is it’s own worst enemy – Clay Sharkey

Semantic Web for Social Media Sites

Uldis BojarsDigital Enterprise Research Institute

Sem web = layer of structure on top of existing web

  • Structured data, can be provided from social sites / wiki’s etc and integrated
    • easy integation of data – RSS, FOAF
  • Resource Description Framework (RDF)
    • allows description of objects and their relationships
    • subject, predicate, object

SIOC – semantically interlinked online communities

  • Online community sites are information rich but disparate & often poorly infexed
  • SIOC connects blogs, forums (boardscape, blogosphere equivalent for boards), mailing lists
  • Blogs, boards, mailing lists and usenet link via hyperlink or quotes
  • SIOC creates metasite – connects multiple accounts, conversations
    • Usergroup => user => role
    • Post => Forum => Site
  • Allows a variety of queries and user interfaces
    • Plugin available for wordpress + RDF reader
    • SIOC explorer – explore data
    • Timeline view of RDF data
  • aggregation of posting and commenting identity accross sites and over time
  • FOAF systems – similarity to real word relationship maps is determined by structure of community and method of data aquisition

Microformats address singular descriptive task in markup or RDF

    • can find common vocabulary

Provision of false data can distort reputation and create false relationships

  • need to rank sources

Google is a machine which grows increasingly efficient at reading human readable text and inferring connections

  • SIOC unlike tagging and folksonomies relies on preexisting data structures

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