No Punchline


Monaghan sod ape, and rippling buffster Gerry McBride is known throughout the Irish comedy scene for his here to fore sorta secret (facebook only) blog Chronicles of a Joker. I’ve featured guest posts from Gerry on this site in the past, so it’s my pleasure to let you know that easily the best narrator of the Irish comic experience has finally opened up a public blog. So far, No Punchline looks to be just as informative as Gerry’s old blog. Irish comedy fans and freshman standups would do well to check it out…

I used to think that getting ahead in comedy was impossible; now I realise that it’s not. It’s really easy, it just takes a long, long time. Initially, I was like a lot of open-mic guys; I wanted everything all at once. I wanted gigs in venues that wouldn’t give them to me, so I got frustrated and pissed off. I yelled conspiracy and shenanigans, that the whole comedy circuit was a sham, and it wasn’t what you know but who you know. A couple of years down the line, and my attitude has all changed. Those venues that told me I wasn’t ready to gig with them? Turns out they were right, which is something I learned on nights when I jumped in at the deep end and suffered painful death in front of a demanding crowd. When I returned to the same venue a few months later, with a pared down set and a less cocky attitude, I rocked.

Gerry’s set himself the goal of doing a gig in every county in Ireland, and writing about the experience, so join him on his herculean quest!