Gig 17 – Laugh Out Loud

Gig 17 – Laugh Out Loud, Anseo, Wexford St, 05/12/09

Pre Show:

We were in two minds whether to go ahead with this gig. Despite valient efforts from John & myself to whisk punters upstairs, Anseo was all but deserted. More power to Aidan Killian for managing to fill the place on Wednesdays. Playing to a tiny audience (say less than 15-20 folks), is never fun. Social facilitation is the great enabler of laughter. We laugh in part because others around us are laughing. Tiny audience are both too self conscious to chortle, and too difficult to impress.

Watching the video…

I opened well, accent in check, not to quick, strong tone. That laugh you can hear came from my friend Niamh, the kindest member of an audience of about seven.

Speeded up too quickly around the line “that vision of grandmamas falsies’, and started jittering about a little because I wasn’t getting the reaction I was used to. It’s not really visible in the video (and perhaps it wasn’t for all the audience), but during the pauses for laughter I played around with exaggerated facial expressions, which felt like it worked quite well.

Really happy with how the ‘vagina impression’ bit worked this time. I think the trick is to dive right into it before the audience knows whats going on, and nail the ‘Ronny Drew’ accent- I should throw in some ‘magic moments’ ‘dirty old town’ references the next time I do this.

Completely lost the audience after this point… Understandable as it was comprised of the comedians, four stone cold guys to my right, and my doubtless horrified female friends. Need more gender neutral material in any case.

Overall, not a terrible gig at all, considering the audience. Had a chance to meet Kieran Lawless, whose a great MC and a lovely guy. As always, I need to work on holding my focus through moments of audience silence, you can always bring them back with the right word at the right time. Audiences basically want you to be great, even if at times it feels like they’re screaming ‘impress me’. Q

Quick note to anyone planning on performing at Anseo… Don’t bring girls. The place is associated with sleazy ‘pick up artists’ who more than once have run their creepy ‘material’ on friends who’d come to support me. Not cool.