Robbie Bonham on Getting Started in Stand Up


Just came across an interesting post on from Irish standup Robbie Bonham on getting started in comedy. Not sure I agree with everything there, but you should check it out..

What to write about: I’m sure we all have philosophical or political stuff we want to talk about, but again, you have to wait til you have the confidence to make it funny. If you look 12, or are nervous, the audience are not gonna buy your ‘hardened look at life’, because you don’t look like you ‘walk the walk’. Stick to everyday, easily identifiable observation about general life, and stay the hell away from ‘paedo’ jokes unless you’re already a known comedian (or are an unusually talented newbie, but that’s rare). You have to know how to get an audience to like you, or how to ‘disarm’ any hostilities, before trying risque stuff.

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