Gig 4 – Comedy Dublin (D4 Hotel)

Gig 4 – Comedy Dublin (D4 Hotel), Ballsbridge, 25th September 2009

Thinking Back…

Pre Show:

A toughie. The crowd was 30% friends, 40% comedians / staff of comedy Dublin / other comic’s friends, 30% randomers from the hotel. The mic was a bit tangled which meant I had to spend a few moments shifting it from the stand before kick off (not in the video). Although there were a lot of folks I knew there, I wasn’t quite as nervous of this as I had been at Gig 2, due to getting a bit more experience and confidence, and was more worried I’d forget my lines due to being absolutely knackered.


The audience liked some of the stuff, but generally were a lot less into the ‘moving house’ bit than I’d have preferred.

I remembered almost everything and the extra time (a 10 minute slot instead of the usual 7) allowed me time to breath and build stuff properly. Unfortunately I was absolutely knackered and hence way more nervous and out of it than I should have been. On a related note I reckon I may have sleep apnea, and I’m getting tested soon; I definitely suffer from insomnia and low energy. I’m only really able to gig like this at the moment because I’m unemployed and can sleep away the morning!

Everyone was absolutely lovely afterwards, and the organiser (Maura?) even said I reminded her of Peter Sellers (sweet!)

Watching the video…


Especially at the start I made excellent use of prosody and projected a strong personality.

Toned down my moving around, it’s still a bit too much when I’m nervous, but much improved.

Slowed down my speech quite a bit, felt the audience

Slow tension building intro worked well, built up successfully to ‘working class pleasures’ bit.

10 minute set let me extend my ‘first sexual experience’ bit successfully.

The small amount of gestural ‘mime’ stuff I’m doing at the moment worked better because I did it simultaneously with the action it was describing (e.g.: ‘one lay defiled’).

Threw in a couple of topical one liners.

Transitioning to my own accent worked better. A) Because the folks in the front row knew me, and B) since I was more chilled. Still less than ideal.


I didn’t pause enough when the audience was laughing.

Kept almost forgetting where I was (especially at the start), due to tiredness.

Moving house bit- intro is still just too long before payoff. Looses steam. Whole bit always falls kind of flatter than I’d like. But I I kept my delivery slow, and physically stood my ground, and got the audience back for the ‘first sexual experience’ bit.

Angry hornet testicles line doesn’t work.

Lessons Learned…

The audience loved the early stuff (more than I appreciated at the time), and flatlined once I dropped the accent. I don’t want to be a novelty comedian, so I need to work on increasing the comprehensibility, intensity and audibility of my non-character stuff.

Slow down. Wait for the pay off. Chill out. Do more character stuff. Engage with the audience way more. Try to start quicker (ask the MC to hand me the mic if possible). Develop physical performance more- this could be great, but I toned it back this gig due to exhaustion.