What is The Invisible Tourguide?


The Invisible Tour Guide is a podcast from world famous art historian and clever clogs, Professor Byron Frump. This ten part series will take you on an unofficial tour of some of Ireland’s finest museums, gallerias and historic monuments. Let Professor Frump be your free and discrete guide to the unseen Ireland, as you explore together our great nations epic and distinguished history.


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The Invisible Tourguide – Episode 6 – Dublin’s Tower of Dublin

This week Byron explores that dark heart of crime and punishment, touring one of the Irish capital’s best loved historic buildings, Dublin’s Tower of Dublin.


Download: Episode 6 – Dublin’s Tower of Dublin

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The Invisible Tourguide – Behind The Tour Guide – A Documentary

ipodLast September, infamous documentary auteur Cloff ‘Leather Britches’ Chuffbunting, spent two weeks in the company of Professor Byron Frump. Two weeks that were to prove infinitely memorable, not just for Professor Byron Frump, but for our world. This documentary was the result. If you’ve ever wondered what motivates the man so many of us have grown to admire, and perhaps even love, or pondered the life of the unpleasantly rich and desperately famous, ‘Behind The Tour Guide’ will feed your mawkish obsession.

Download: Behind the Tour Guide
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