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Dead Medium Productions, founded in 2009, is an independent producer of radio drama and documentary. We have released numerous radio and podcast series, including several Sound and Vision funded series and one off documentaries. Dead Medium is a member of AIRPI, the Association of Independent Radio Producers of Ireland. We have produced programmes for Newstalk, RTE Lyric FM, Radiomade, Dublin City FM, and Near FM.



Reviews for ‘The Wall in the Mind

“There is much to enjoy in Stack’s drama, from its use of location sound recordings to create a mood of foreboding to the spirited performances of its Irish and German cast.”

The Irish Times.

“Well worth an investment of your time.”

The Irish Independent.

“Gareth Stack’s masterpiece.”

Radio Drama Revival.

Our documentary series ‘Mad Scientists of Music’ was described in the Independent as “original, ambitious and very, very different“. A segment from the series was awarded the inaugural ‘Your Story, Your Sound’ prize at the Sounds Alive Festival in 2014.

Our comedy drama series ‘Any Other Dublin’, was rebroadcast in 2014 on the American radio show ‘Radio Drama Revival’, who described it on air as “a wonderful delight to hear”, and “Irish in the best way possible” with “really fine writing and solid acting”.

We’ve contributed numerous reports for RTE Lyric FM’s Culture File programme. As well as recording and editing sound for a number of short films.

All of our shows are available online for download or streaming, at no charge, under a Creative Commons licence (details here). Please get in touch with commercial rebroadcast requests.

Mic Drop

Mic Drop is a new one off drama, starring Adam Tyrell, based on the play that debuted to critical acclaim at the ‘Scene + Heard’ Festival in Summer 2017. This one-man show tells the story of Irish web entrepreneur Perry Pardo. A thoroughly modern monster.

The Listening Stage

The Listening Stage follows students of The Gaiety School of Acting’s radio drama course, as they pursue their hopes and dreams of fame. This fly on the wall doc embeds us in Roger’s annual weeklong workshop, introducing actors to the exciting world of audio theatre.

The Free School

This documentary explores a year in the life of Ireland’s most unconventional school, ‘Wicklow Sudbury’. This radical form of schooling has been running in the United States for almost fifty years, but can it work here? We follow the first few months of the fledgling school. Listeners will meet students, staff and parents, and explore what they found lacking in conventional education. In the process we’ll see just what Irish education can learn from The Free School.

Getting Into the Game

Getting into the Game is a documentary that looks at how young people can get their start in videogame development. We speak with coders, artists, musicians, indies, students and game jam amateurs alike to find out how they got their start in making games. Interviewees include Terry Cavanagh, David O’Reilly, the Triforce Quartet, Owen Harris, Coder Dojo, and the staff of Havok.

The Wedding Tree

The Wedding Tree is an original audio drama broadcast on Newstalk in August 2016.

After Ireland’s first nuclear disaster, fire officer Cian Mitchell is confined to hospital. Tormented by his injuries, Cian finds unlikely comfort in the company of Philips, an elderly English patient. Philips, a retired air force officer, delivers a series of interconnected tales drawing on everything from the golden age of Hollywood to Ireland’s historic mistreatment of women. The play explores mortality, storytelling, and the interconnectedness of all things. This is a tensely paced, meditative piece of radio theatre that plays with the medium, moving from drama to storytelling and back again.

Listen: iTunes, RSS, Soundcloud.

The Wall in the Mind

The Wall in the Mind was an original location recorded drama series, set at the fall of the Berlin wall and today. The programme was funded by a grant from the broadcasting authority of Ireland, and broadcast on Newstalk Spring 2016.

Writer / Director Gareth Stack travelled to Berlin to research the historic locations featured in the series. There he explored the ruins of the paramilitary police barracks, where on 7th and 8th October 1989 hundreds of East German protestors were held in one of the last desperate acts of a tyrannical regime. Thousands marched as the communist government faced revolution on the streets. Those unlucky enough to be arrested were tortured by the notorious ‘Volkspolizei-Bereitschaft’ paramilitary police. These events inspired a story that explores the marks history leaves on the lives of ordinary people.

Links: iTunesRSSSoundcloud.

Credits: ImagesCast & CrewDead Medium Productions.

Mad Scientists of Music

Mad Scientists of Music is an award winning six part BAI funded series about experimental music, currently broadcasting on Near FM. The show explores the world of participative electronic music in Ireland, from circuit bending to chiptune: Focusing on the outsider artists, musicians and sonic explorers crafting these innovative and enthralling sounds. You can follow new about the production on this site or at Facebook.

Links: Web, RSS, iTunes

Radio Segments / Interviews and Features

Reports and interviews for the Irish culture programme Culture File, on RTE Lyric FM, including interviews with Amanda Coogan, Eimear Noone, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, Dr Eimear O’Connor, Kevin Barry, Popical Island, Chipzel, and many more.

Radio Comedy

We’ve produced several BAI funded radio sitcoms and sitcoms for Dublin City FM, Near FM and the web. Choices (2014), a six part comedy drama series, set in the world of mental health education. Any Other Dublin (2014), a mockumentary following six hapless Dublin characters as they battle to find happiness in a world gone sad. Been There; Seen There (2013), a series of comedic adventures set in historic Dublin locations. Dead Medium (2011), a comedy sketch show featuring up and coming Irish comedians. The Emerald Arts, a black comedy parodying British arts programmes of the 1970s. The Invisible Tourguide (2009), a series of fictional tours in the company of eccentric professor Byron Frump.


We’ve produced several podcast series, beginning with Technolotics (2005) Ireland’s first internet TV show. A humorous chats show about technology, civil liberties, and politics recorded in the studios of Trinity FM. Reading Plays is an occasional discussion show, featuring close readings modern plays. The Gareth Stack Show Live: Featuring Gareth Stack is an occasional comedy and culture magazine show presented by controversial writer and chef Andrew Booth, and features special guest Gareth Stack. Guests have included Roger Gregg, Jonah King, Graham Tugwell, Andrew Philip Smith, David Turpin, Myles Manley and Mongoose. Acquired Taste was an experiment in live improvised DVD commentary. Threat Detection was a weekly chat show about videogames, broadcast on Dublin web station Radiomade.

 Voice Work

Over the past several years, I’ve been honoured to do a bunch of short story readings for shows on the ‘District Of Wonders‘ podcast network, including Starship Sofa, Crime City Central, and Tales To Terrify.

Starship Sofa

Billy And The Wizard by Terry Bisson
Billy In Dinosaur City by Terry Bisson
Passion Ploy by Matthew Hughes
The Spencer Inheritance by Michael Moorecock
Gigantic by Steve Aylett
The Serial Murders by Kim NewmanPart 1, Part 2, Part 3 & 4.
Claim Blame by Alan Dean Foster.

Tales To Terrify

Black Glass by Gary McMahon.
Schroedinger’s Human by Anna Taborska.
Once Seen by Conrad Williams
Creepdoll by Gareth Stack.

Crime City Central

Letter to my Son by Laura Nealis.
Blarney by Steve Hockensmith.
Who Killed Skippy by Paul D Brazil.

Far Fetched Fables
‘The Swan Pilot’ by L.E Modesitt Jr.
‘Dream Logic’ by Barbara Barnett.

Lost Easter Voices Part 6 – Sean McDermott
The Urblin Chronicles
On the Line
Rising Heat Trilogy

Older Programmes


Jibberhoof was a pilot for a chat show style comedy series.

East Coast / West Coast was a one off documentary about my trip across the United States in 2006.

Kick the Kat was a student radio awards nominated music discussion programme on Trinity FM that ran from 2004 – 2008.

Thrust Us was a sex chat show on Trinity FM.


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