Migrant Fictions Credits

Migrant Fictions

From an idea by Dominik Turkowski.

Special thanks to…

Craig Stuart Garfinkle, who kindly donated his music for use this project.
The Clockwork Door, for rehearsal space.
Fiona Bolger and Anne Tannam and the Dublin Writers Forum for help in contacting Migrant Writers.
Jenni Sarkkinen and Ciaran Treanor for all their help.

Published under a creative commons licence (see link for details).


Eat in Take Out
Writer – Dalia Smelstoriūtė
Script editor – James Van De Wall

Girl on a Plane
Writer – Özgecan Kesici
Script editor – James Van De Wall

Howling Walls
Writer – Dominik Turkowski
Script Editor – Gareth Stack

I Belong
Writer – Tina Brescanu
Script editor – James Van De Wall, Dominik Turkowski

Talk at Me
Writer Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan
Script Editor – James Van De Waal


Eat in Take Out

Jonas – William Murphy
Egle – Diana O’Connor
Old Woman – Fiona Kelly
Brian – James O’Connor
Petra – Mirana Rendulic

Girl on a Plane

Elif – Christine Hally
Tony – James O’Connor
Baba – William Murphy

Howling Walls

Robert Owalski – James O’Connor
Jacek Owalski – William Murphy
Colm Faherty – Gareth Stack
Margaret Owalski – Mirana Rendulic

I Belong

Narrator / Hillevi – Leah Newsome
Pernilla – Fiona Kelly
Carrick – James O’Connor
Peig – Diana O’Connor
Pervert – William Murphy

Talk at Me

Aysegul – Leah Oldsome
Guy – William Murphy
Peter – James O’Connor
Waitress – Diana O’Connor
Passerby – Dorothy Jean Thompson



Craig Stuart Garfinkle – A Time to Be Noble

I Belong

Shinsuke Sumitomo – Inishire(Irish Air)
Shinsuke Sumitomo – Cooley’s / Tam Lin [Reel Set]
Craig Stewart Garfinkle – Funky Chicken Feet

Talk at Me

Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Build to a complicated love
Craig Stuart Garfinkle – The Dark Dungeon 2013 NoFX
Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Comic Blending
Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Twighlight 005
Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Sneak in to a quiet love
Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Drama Sting 2

Eat in Take Out

Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Solo Meditation Final Long
Craig Stuart Garfinkle – I told you not to eat him

Howling Walls

Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Fiddle Slow Jig
Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Uneasy Ambience
Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Shasha

Girl on a plane

Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Solo Mediation with Accents
Craig Stuart Garfinkle – Nostalgic Build to Triumph

Sound Effects