Ray Brown – The Ballad Tour

Copyright Ray Brown.

Directed by Gareth Stack.
Assistant Director Frances Galligan.
Special thanks Cian Brennan.

Featuring Myles Manley, Ray Brown, Nicole O’Connor, Patrick Carrolan, Kenny Stapleton, Gavin Johnston Smith, Brian Lowe, Daniel Smith and Ray Brown.


Little Black Lies – The Webseries

How can an undead villain search for love in the age of tinder? What if you were socially awkward and a monster? Join one sexy vampire, OK maybe not that sexy, as he tries to find the love of his life, again. This anachronistic horror comedy takes its cues from the eighties feel of recent work like ‘It follows’ and ‘San Junipero’, and springs from the lively Irish comedy scene. The writer and director preciously collaborated on absurd comic shorts like ‘Lads’ and ‘Spaghetti D*ck’, and the series co-stars rising Irish talent like Nicole O’Connor (‘FACTS’), Joe O’Neill (Little Shadow Theatre Company), as well as legendary Irish actor Roger Gregg (‘About Adam’, ‘Space Truckers’).

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Ray Brown – Staten Island

As a quick turnaround creative project this weekend, I headed back to the Concrete Cathedral, in the company of actor James O’Connor. We made a super quickie video for my friend Ray Brown’s 2012 single Staten Island.

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The World You Think You Live In

Experimental narrative video piece I made a while back. The narration is adapted from an unpublished short story called ‘The Wedding Tree’. I talked about the ideas behind this story in an Ignite talk at Mindfields a couple of years back called ‘The Nuts & Bolts Of Making Stuff Up’. Video of that talk never emerged alas.

Download: The World You Think You Live In

Update 2: Without warning, Youtube returned sound to the video. So much for open and transparent copyright policies guys.

Update: Youtube has seen fit to censor another one of my videos, due to the inclusion of ‘copyrighted’ material. To view the original video go to vimeo – https://vimeo.com/81525310

Trip to Barcelona

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 14.49.00
Barcelona from dbspin on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago I travelled to Barcelona, capitol of the Spanish province of Catalonia. On the last day, I cycled through the city and took a few low quality videos with my phone. These were too shoddy to post anywhere, so I had a play with them in final cut. The track is ‘The Weight of My Words’, by King of Convenience. Remixed by Fourtet. Most of these videos were taken in the cities oldest quarter, the Barri Gotic.

8 Easy Pieces


The pitched fork has pronged another prize with the fantastic documentary, Reformat the Planet on the emerging Chiptune scene. Chiptune (as distinct from 8bit music per say) has been around for about a decade, and is finally garnering some critical acclaim. Not content with inventing punk music, Malcolm McLaren hopped on the bandwagon early, writing an hilarious piece for Wired in 2003 claiming the birth of a new scene, ‘Chipmusic’. In the article McLaren is escorted my mysterious French underground electronic musicians to a dingy factory where credibility and curry powder mix in malodorous clouds, and odd young hips with blackened teeth play unironic retro-future music on outdated consoles and computers. Since those halcyon days chiptune has conspicuously failed to set the world alight – though it has had an ‘influence’ on mainstream hiphop and indie acts, on underground scenes like nerdcore and laterly on art and fashion [1] [2]; ultimately achieving the honour of being featured in the latest issue of Analogue. Reformat the Planet is only available for four more days, so check it out!

Update: For an Irish take on 8bit, check out the hyperkinetic 0010100, who mercifully avoid the europop chinz of much euro chiptune.

Update 2: If you’re in the UK or can get your clogs on and hop on a ferry, there’s a Chiptune Alliance tour on right now in Scotland and England, featuring some of the artists featured in Reformat the Planet including Anamanaguchi, Sabrepulse, and Random.

Gran Casino, Live in Concert


Analogue Presents – Gran Casino, Live in Concert from dbspin on Vimeo.

Without further ado, let me present the second in our two videos celebrating the launch of Analogue as a nationwide magazine. Gran Casino are a Dublin band that we haven’t written about before in the magazine, at least in part because their material is so difficult to describe. If Burt Bacharach wrote songs for Ian Brown they might sound a little like the melodic, unapologetically baroque, art rock made by Gran Casino. The band have recently released their first E.P, ‘Sun Music’, which is available for the very reasonable price of €7 at Tower Records, Road Records, The Secret Book and Record Store, and City Discs.

Gran Casino are…

Caimin Gilmore – Vocals, Guitar, Glockenspiel
Jimmer Reynolds – Drums, Percussion
Shane Sugrue – Keys, Vocals, Clarinet, Sitar
James O’ Connor – Bass, Synth
Kathy Looney – Violin
Julie Clarke – Violin
Sue Neary – Harp
Joe Mylo – French Horn
Kev Foran – Trumpet
Simon Wall – Tenor Sax/Flute
Chris Rooney – Trombone
Tim Harris – Flute

Recorded, Radio City Dublin, 06/06/08.
Camera: Dave Boyle
Editing: Gareth Stack & Dave Boyle.
All songs copyright Gran Casino, 2008.


For Windows or Mac OSX (Quicktime), PS3, or Linux (VLC)
Large Mpeg 4 (600 * 480, 241 Megs)

For iPhone / iPod Touch
Small Mpeg 4 (450 * 360, 199 Megs)

Radiohead – House of Cards Video

Our lovely friends at the plex are kindly hosting Radioheads new video, for the In Rainbows track ‘House of Cards‘. Rather stunningly, the video is neither entirely CG, nor does it use any conventional cameras, but rather Geometric Informatics (‘structured light’) and Velodyne LIDAR (a sort of hyper advanced speed camera). The result is reminiscent of early experiments in computer animation, a flickering varicolour oscilloscoped DOB trip.

There’s a mini documentary on the site to show how it was done, as well as a savage viewer application to play around with the 3D visualisations in your browser. The raw data has also been made available, so the mathematically inclined among you can immediately go remix crazy.

Check out the video here.