Threat Detection – Episode 18 – Sex in Videogames (Part 1)


On this episode of our weekly videogame show Gareth & James discuss the steamy topic of sex in videogames. We delve into gender, sexuality, and the auld ride in mainstream and indie videogames. How have videogames historically dealt with sex? Is it possible for such a mainstream medium to deal with sex in an adult way? Do we even want sex in our games? And finally, has a videogame ever been ‘sexy’?

Download: Threat Detection – Episode 18


Threat Detection – Episode 16 – Horror (Part 1)


Download: Threat Detection – Episode 16

In this weeks ‘very special episode’ of Threat Detection, we discuss horror in videogames. We touch on the history of horror games from ‘Alone in the Dark’ to ‘Amnesia A Machine for Pigs’. We talk about how the mechanics of horror are evolving, and how they’ll change now that VR is around the horror. Finally we explore the potential for horror games that transcend our jaded cynicism, and make us truly afraid.


We’re also running a competition! We have two tickets each to give away to Gamecraft game jams in Dublin (17th / 18th May) & Galway (10th May). If the idea of working on a brand new game in a few short hours surrounded by fellow geeks sounds appealing, respond in the comments for your chance to win free tickets!

Threat Detection – Episode 14


Download: Episode 14

We discuss…

1) Ars reveals the very short tail of steam game ownership

2) The importance of verbs – hilarious Day Z torture video demonstrates the bizarre social mechanics that can develop from relatively simply interaction mechanics. We need more of these! Day Z has bandage, steal, tie up, force feed, take blood, give supplies / clothing. They greatly increase the long now of interaction possibilities with a character. What other potential verbs would improve a game of this ilk?
Negative – Chain / enslave, brand / force tattoo, shave, strip, hobble, tie to something / crucify. Positive – train / teach a skill, cure a disease. Neutral / Chaotic? It’s difficult to think of positive interaction verbs – perhaps because thinking about action verbs is instrumental logic – implies using someone.

3) Kickstarter for a fun asymmetrical VR multiplayer title. Hundreds of fighter jet vs giant human in motion capture suit. Uses advanced multicamera optical motion capture – this will be an arcade event style game: ‘Giant vs Horde’.

Threat Detection – Episode 11 – A Rift In Cyberspace


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We discuss…

1) With the first teasers and trailers released for next gen only Ubi titles like Assasins Creed Unity (5), and The Division – what can we expect from the next generation
– Indie game ‘the vanishing of Ethan Carter’ from ex people can fly dev, amongst the first to use photogrammetry
– also being used by indie title ‘rustclad’, and ‘Get Even’ from Painkiller dev, Farm 51
– environmental physics – infamous second son
– server side intelligence adding more AI (microsofts compute platform, in Titanfall)
– real time lighting (global illumination)
– Procedural generation of enormous worlds
– will ubiquity of big engines like – Crytech, UE, Snowdrop, Frostbite lead to less innovation in AAA titles?
– voxel based, low latency, cloud rendering engines – like ‘high fidelity’ the new second life beta
– realtime face rigging

2) Special guest Thomas Stewart joins us to discuss the experimental roguelike Keeper

3) Oculus betrays its fans
competitors are already smelling blood
Carmack asks users to articulate risks
Michael Abrash joins oculus – citing snowcrash and ready player one!
Oculus get death threats for selling out the future
Carmacks comments
– Facebook will construct a ‘social platform’ around the technology
Great video about all the VR shown at GDC