Threat Detection – Episode 22 – Gaming A.I. (Part 1)

lucy grand

What’s Threat Detection?

Threat Detection is a lively, smart, frequently funny and always irreverent videogame chat show on Each week, hosts Gareth Stack & James Van De Waal take an hour or two to tear apart a videogame topic, like character, horror, or sex.

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Threat Detection – Episode 6


Apologies for the sound problems in this episode. It’s our first week in the new studio and we have some gremlins to sort out.

Download: Episode 6

We talk about…

Valve Cheat detection controversy
– Valve pulling an EA. Tracking people’s DNS addresses and entries such as ipconfig/displadns. Doing this through VAC.
– also facepunch (rust dev) institute robust cheat detection
GABE Newell responds!

Last of Us ‘Left Behind’ DLC
– homage / trash’s Bioshock infinite’s interactive sequences
– is the combat unnecessary (no)

Buddyfied launches
– one solution to finding folks to play with

Steam game tagging launched, subject to immediate abuse
– gone homo, day z is ‘walking simulator’