Threat Detection – Episode 17 – Horror in Games (Part 2)


Download: Threat Detection – Episode 17

Continuing from last weeks show, we chat about horror in video games. How does video game horror differ from movie horror, and how we can be horrified, now that we are so jaded.


Threat Detection – Episode 16 – Horror (Part 1)


Download: Threat Detection – Episode 16

In this weeks ‘very special episode’ of Threat Detection, we discuss horror in videogames. We touch on the history of horror games from ‘Alone in the Dark’ to ‘Amnesia A Machine for Pigs’. We talk about how the mechanics of horror are evolving, and how they’ll change now that VR is around the horror. Finally we explore the potential for horror games that transcend our jaded cynicism, and make us truly afraid.


We’re also running a competition! We have two tickets each to give away to Gamecraft game jams in Dublin (17th / 18th May) & Galway (10th May). If the idea of working on a brand new game in a few short hours surrounded by fellow geeks sounds appealing, respond in the comments for your chance to win free tickets!