Choices – Episode 1 – The Hero’s Tale

Episode 1 of the brand new series from Dead Medium Productions and Dublin City FM. First broadcast 7th May, 2014.

Ainesh Sharma is sacked from his minimum wage job for being a smart aleck, and is placed by the social welfare department in a course called ‘Choosing Therapy’ – a radical form of psychotherapy which teaches that everything in life is our choice. The course proves to be quite the indoctrination. Ainesh is befriended by two mysterious classmates, Stillman and Emma Jane.

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Making of Choices

Choices was recorded over a period of weeks at the studios of Dublin City FM in Dublin; and featured the vocal talents of Aislinn O’Byrne, Kieran Roche, Katie McCann, Dylan Tonge Jones and Terri Fitzgerald. The show was produced by Heather MacLeod and funded by Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI).

Choices Credits


Choices was created by Dead Medium Productions for Dublin City FM, and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.  The programme was written and directed by Gareth Stack, and produced by Heather McLeod. The program starred Kieran Roche, Dylan Jones, Aishlinn O’Byrne, Terri Fitzgerald and Katie McCann. Music was by Dermot Byrne. The show was recorded at Dublin City FM in 2013. All sound effects used were public domain or available under a creative commons licence, full details below.

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