Choices is a six part contemporary comedy drama series set in the world of mental health education. The story follows a young, recently unemployed Irish immigrant as he returns to college to study psychotherapy. Choices takes a comedic look at mental health training, and at a generation reluctantly returning to education at a time of economic crisis. The programme’s title refers to the theme of choice, both as an aspect of drama, and as a route to change in mental health. The show’s themes include the possibility of controlling our own lives, the line between normalcy and mental health issues, and whether happiness is possible and at what cost. Choices questions the idea of agency as a dramatic conceit, and the role of choices in shaping our lives – at a time when the world can seem to make them for us.

Ainesh Sharma has never made a decision in his life. An under confident, over intellectual Indian-Irish twenty something, Ainesh has always been a victim of circumstance. Ainesh is the kind of young man who’d rather find solace in a steady job, or escape his worries through his love of cinema, than take a risk to change his life. Now, sacked from his safe factory job and forced out of home by his disappointed parents, Ainesh must attend an adult education psychotherapy course. ‘Choosing Therapy’ teaches that we each make our own destiny, and that everything that happens is our fault. Ainesh must survive his oddball lecturers, and his strangely intimate new housemates, and learn whether there really is such a thing as choice, and if so, how he can choose to escape his certain fate.


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