Reading Plays – Episode 12 – Some Girl(s)

some girls

Reading Plays - Episode 12 - Some Girl(s) by Radiomade on Mixcloud

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Some peanuts are eaten, some water bottles empties, some hotel rooms vandalised. Outside of that Neil LaButes ‘Some Girls’ is a less than action packed look at relationships. Love through the eyes of an immature ‘every guy’ whose self absorption drives his quest to reexamine a history of failed relationships. There are plenty of plays featuring assholes, but this is perhaps the first play we’ve read primarily about one. Instead of seven dwarves this sleepwalking beauty has four girls, each of whom seem more than happy to meet a self satisfied ex-lover unbidden in an anonymous hotel room.

The version we read of the play – the printed piece, is as written – but not as performed at first run (starring David Schwimmer of all people) – when it was ‘streamlined’ to make the protagonist a little more palatable. A film version of the play, starring the OC’s Adam Brody premiered last year at South by South West.

Reading Plays‘ is a discussion show, featuring Gareth Stack and James Van De Waal. Each week we do a close reading of a modern play, discussing it’s merits, themes, issues raised, and so on. You can play along by reading or watching a production of the play before you listen to the show.

Next weeks play: The Piano Lesson by August Wilson

Music – Amor & Psyche – by Bitwise Operator.

The Gareth Stack Show Live – Episode 6 – Dublin Characters

The Gareth Stack Show Live - Episode 6 - Dublin Characters by Radiomade on Mixcloud

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The Gareth Stack Show is back! Dublin’s most obscure chat show, featuring interviews with some of the dirty auld holes most fascinating characters, both pro patria and ex. Today’s episode comes complete with acoustamatic musing from Dublin low-fi warbler and nouveau booky wookie Bobert Ahern, monsternational filmist Donal Foreman, and Dublin scenestress Joanne Stack (yes relation).

14:00 – 32:00 – Donal Foreman, Director of ‘Out of Here

Donal, director of the award winning new Irish film ‘Out of Here’, talks about the movie, being a first time director, crowd funding, and creating a movie that integrates improvisation, non-professional actors and a real directorial point of view.

34:30 – 42:00 – Joanne Stack of ‘Secret City Dublin

My wee sister talks about her knew event listings project ‘Secret City Dublin’. Secret City is a new way to find out about what’s going on in the city. Particularly underground and arts based events that are free or cheap, and open to all.

42:00 – 80:00 Bobby Ahern, author of ‘D’You Remember Yer Man’.

Writer, punk rock chartreuse, leprechaun expert, Bobby Ahern does it all. We have this fresh faced Dublin impresario join us in studio to chat about his brand spanking new book ‘Do You Remember Y’er Man’, and play a whole bunch of acoustamatic songaroonies.

79:00 – 82:00 Andrew’s Teacher, Professor Dereck Polly

Featuring jingles by the one and only Roger Gregg. And hosting by Andrew Booth, with special guest Gareth Stack.

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The Wager – Chapter 2 – ‘Two Visits, Two Mistakes’

small grand

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I was almost honoured to be approached by Skellig Historical Society after reading the first chapter of great grandfather’s once notorious, now sadly novel. As you are perhaps aware, great grandfather was one of Skellig’s most generous benefactors, having been fascinated all his life by the history and unique culture of islands.

Leman Bodley, former chair of the society, told me a great anecdote about great granddads’s lewd performance at the bicentennial of the sinking of Hollands Melvaart, which of course I can’t share for legal reasons. Buy me a dozen quarts of the black stuff and perhaps you’ll wet it out of me.

In any case, the surviving members of the society are all interred together in a retirement community near Clara Lara, and seemed to greatly enjoy the last excerpt, as far as their carers could discern. It seemed only right to give them another slice of history, as they have room enough remaining for only one or two before joining it themselves.

Music Concerto in E flat major Op.30; G minor Op.12, by Antonio Vivaldi, recorded from Grandfather’s phonograph.

Image: Photograph of great grandfather having a grand old time, from the family archives. Courtesy Skellig Historical Society, circa 1911

A Page from History

Download: Chapter 1
My great grandfather’s book ‘An examination of the effect on character of greatly altered circumstances, as epitomised by the divergent conditions into which two young unfortunates are thrust by the wretched cynicism of their betters,’ or ‘The Wager’ caused an enormous stir upon its initial release in 1919. The book so shocked and dismayed its late Edwardian audience, that it was prohibited both in Ireland, and across the Commonwealth. The book’s content invited comparisons in The Times to ‘the depravities of Wilde, absent his wit’. Today long forgotten, I thought I’d wile away a Summer evening with what seemed likely a dry exercise, but became an entertaining one. This reading is from the second edition, released abroad in 1920.

Music Concerto in E flat major Op.30; G minor Op.12, by Antonio Vivaldi, recorded from Grandfather’s phonograph.

Image: Scan of great-grandfather’s portrait, from the dust jacket.

Choices – Episode 6 – DiCaprio Island


Episode 6 of the brand new series from Dead Medium Productions and Dublin City FM. First broadcast 11th June, 2014.

Natalie’s bullying finally culminates in a complete mental breakdown for Ainesh. Humiliated and desperate, Ainesh locks himself inside a classroom and refuses to come out. Inside he creates a sock puppet utopia. Committed instantly, Ainesh is taken to Our Lady of Infinite Jest mental hospital. Stillman is on his first internship and Ainesh is his first patient. Can Ainesh escape the hospital and find justice?

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Credits: Read

The Gareth Stack Show: Live – Episode 5 – ‘Of Mongooses & Men’

The Gareth Stack Show Live - 06/06/2014 - 'Of Mongooses & Men' by Radiomade on Mixcloud

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Your monthly dose of lowbrow comedy and middlebrow culture with Gareth Stack, hosted by Andrew Booth. This episodes first guest was Tom Rowley of, a website that lets you find and create stories to accompany your trip to Dublin. We were also joined by Dublin indie folk harmonisers Mongoose, who lent their dulcet chorus to our tired old ears. We chatted about manhood, murder, storytelling and munched down on some phallic confectionary. This month’s murderer was celebrated drummer Jim Gordon.

Choices – Episode 5 – The 7th Seal


Episode 5 of the brand new series from Dead Medium Productions and Dublin City FM. First broadcast 4th June, 2014.

An encounter group led by Sean becomes deeply personal. Ainesh seeks help from his therapist. He finds his therapist is going out of business due to a glut of newly trained psychotherapists. Ainesh takes on a humiliating and poorly paid job at a fast food restaurant. Stillman arrives to try to convince Ainesh to help him save Emma Jane.

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