Who am I?

Gareth Stack is a writer, performer, and activist. He lives and work in Dublin, Ireland, and is a member of A4 Sounds, as well as The Attic Studio, and the Association of Independent Radio Producers of Ireland (AIRPI). He co-founded the education non-profit Open Learning Ireland, and has served on the board of Exchange Dublin. Here’s some stuff he’s done.

Radio / Podcasting

Awarded ‘Your Story, Your Sound‘ prize, at the Sounds Alive Festival 2014.

Shortlisted for at Ballyhoura Award at the HearSay Festival 2014.

Reporter, RTE Lyric FM’s Reporter, RTE Lyric FM’s Culture File.

Writer / Producer / Performer, ‘Any Other Dublin‘, BAI Sound and Vision funded comedy series. Broadcast in 2013 on Dublin City FM.

Producer / Researcher / Presenter, ‘Mad Scientists of Music‘, BAI Sound and Vision funded music documentary series. Broadcast in 2014 on Near FM.

Executive Producer / Presenter, The Gareth Stack Show: Live, 2014, Radiomade.ie

Executive Producer / Presenter, Threat Detection (videogame podcast), 2014, Radiomade.ie

Writer / Producer / Performer, ‘Choices‘, BAI Sound and Vision funded comedy series. Broadcast in 2014 on Dublin City FM.

Writer / Producer / Performer, ‘Been There; Seen There‘, BAI Sound and Vision funded comedy series. Broadcast in 2012 on Near FM.

Writer / Producer / Performer, ‘Dead Medium‘ weekly podcast comedy series, 2012.

Co-writer / Producer / Performer, ‘The Emerald Arts‘ comedy series, broadcast on Near FM, 2011.

Voice performance in a variety of roles for ‘On The Line’, and the children’s radio series ‘The Urblin Chronicles’, both on Dublin City FM, 2010.

Writer / Producer / Performer, ‘The Invisible Tour Guide’ podcast comedy series, 2009.

Station Manager / Senior Producer / Web Dude, Trinity FM, 2005 – 2008.

Shortlisted for Student Media Award for music show ‘Footnotes’ (MP3) with Steven Shannon, 2007.

Co-hosted video lecture to EdTech 2006 Conference, on Podcasting in Education.

Technolotics’, an internet TV show about technology and politics in 2005, with Francis McGillicuddy and Jason McCandless.

Kick the Kat, music show Trinity FM, 2004 – 2009.

East Coast / West Coast, a short podcast documentary about my travels around the United States.

Various dramatic story readings for Hugo Award Winning Podcast ‘Starship Sofa‘, and other shows like Tales To Terrify and Crime City Central.


Article, ‘Turning Learning On Its Head’, Explore Magazine, 2012.

Comic novel, ‘The Wager’, unpublished, 2010.

Comic novel, ‘Jackdaw Fool‘, with Andrew Booth, unpublished, 2009.

Columnist for Irish adult magazine, Blue Ireland, 2010.

Assistant Editor TCD’s satirical Piranha! Magazine (PDF), 2008 / 2009.

Short Story, ‘Creep Doll‘, published in Irish Science Fiction Magazine Albedo One, 2009.

Assistant Editor and writer for nationwide music magazine ‘Analogue’, 2007 / 2008.


Story, ‘Whats in the bag?’ at ‘The Moth Dublin’, November 2014.

Reading ‘Diary of a Dublin Sex Man‘ @ Bluebottle Collective launch.

Acted part of ‘Tom’ in feature, ‘Out of Here‘, directed by Donal Foreman, 2012 (released 2013)

Recital Iggy McGovern’s ‘The Bony’ @ The Bee Loud Glade Halloween Show, 2011.

Ignite Lecture, ‘The Nuts & Bolts of Making Stuff Up’, Mindfield Festival, 2011.

Ignite Lecture, ‘Genius Is As Common As Dirt‘, Electric Picnic, 2011.

MC @ Milk and Cookie Stories After Dark I & II, and Milk & Cookies Garden Party Festival, 2010 / 2011.

MC @ Digital Socket Awards, 2011.

MC @ Upstart Wrestling Slam, 2011.

Comic monologue @ Literary Death Match, 2011.

Set up Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus, monthly alternative literary and experimental comedy showcase @ Exchange Dublin & Twisted Pepper, 2010 / 2011. Selection of videos on youtube.

Cheaper Than Therapy, one man show as part of Beatyard’s Comedy Festival, 2010.

Wrote and directed Last Call, a short comic film, 2010.

Standup Comedy, over 80 gigs around Dublin and Ireland, beginning 2009.

Storytelling @ Milk & Cookie Stories, Tongue Box, Scarleh Fer Yer Ma Fer Havin’ Ya, The Underground, and the Neptune Comedy Club, 2009 – 2011.


Studied Professional Course in Psychotherapy at Tivoli Institute, Dun Laoghaire, 2012-2014.

Studied Counselling & Psychotherapy, Institute for Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, 2011 / 2012.

Single Honour Psychology, first class degree, Trinity College Dublin, 2004 – 2009.

Art & Activism

Organised week long learning festival, ‘Learn Something; Share Something; Do Something’, February 2013.

Video art show, ‘Hollywood Ending‘, Exchange Dublin, 2012.

Established ‘Open Learning Ireland‘, education non-profit, 2011.

Founder & teacher @ Exchange Words, creative writing performance class and show, 2009 – 2012.

Coordinator and member of board of directors, Exchange Dublin Cooperative Art Space, 2009 – 2012.

Volunteer @ Seomra Spraoi, 2009.

Volunteer @ St John of Gods Homeless Kitchen, 2007.

Volunteer Reader with Vincent De Paul @ St Audeons School, 2004 / 2005.

Nice Things folks have said about me

‘Gareth Stack is a celebrated wit.’ Sam Coll.

Mad Scientists of Music’, was described by the Irish Independent as “original, exciting and great”.

‘Any Other Dublin’, was rebroadcast in 2014 on the American radio show ‘Radio Drama Revival’, who described it on air as “a wonderful delight to hear”, and “Irish in the best way possible” with “really fine writing and solid acting”.

‘Gareth Stack Explains Bebo, and Very Well Too!’
John Breslin, Researcher and Lecturer in semantic web and social software, NUI Galway
Founder: Boards.ie, The Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities Project

One of..‘the most original thinkers I’ve spotted on the internet’
Bernie Goldbach, Lecturer Computing and Multimedia, Tipperary Institute, Columnist Irish Examiner
Founder: Underway In Ireland, IrishEyes.

‘If I were a mobile phone company, or a big technology company, I’d hire him for the Summer and hope to suck the goodness out of his brain.’
Simon McGarr, McGarr Solicitors.
Founder: Tuppenseworth.ie

‘Gareth Stack has a sophisticated explanation of how the social networking page farm draws users in’
Seamus McCauley, Strategic Analyst at Associated Northcliffe Digital
Founder: Virtual Economics.

“I just finished reading one of your stories, The Cave, and I wanted to tell you that it is really great. Thank you for sharing that; I haven’t read anything so vivid and imaginative in a while.”
Ego Plum, American composer, performer and visual artist.
Founder: Ebola music.

“If many young students are not yet using modern technology to express themselves, three have done so successfully. Technolotics.com is billed as an irreverent look at technology, politics and the media by three Irish students and for a year it stood as one of the few Irish videoblogs. Technolotics is cheap and cheerful and it proves an important point. Viewers don’t need RTE-grade production values to engage with new personalities. Technolotics found an audience.”

Haydn Shaughnessy, writing in the Irish Times.
Founder: The Content Studio, Media Angle, Haydn Shaughnessy Gallery.

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