Mad Scientists of Music Live

Mad Scientists Live

To celebrate the release of ‘Mad Scientists of Music‘ We’ve put together a fantastic lineup of experimental musicians, in a one evening mini festival in Dublin City Centre. Some of the best and most unique artists from the Irish electroacoustic, noise, chiptune and circuit bending scenes will be performing in a multi-hour experimental extravaganza.

Lineup to Include: Deathness Injection, KaraKara, Luxury Mollusc, Siam Collective, Oswald Green, and more! With sounds and visuals from MarQu Vr & The Trumpets of Time & Glotchbot.

Where: Main Room, Twisted Pepper
When: September 16th, 2014
Time: 7PM – 11.30PM
All welcome. Tickets €5 euro on the door

Facebook Event

Threat Detection – Episode 25 – Dancing with Bono

Dancing with Bono
Another grab bag of topics this week as Gareth & James discuss early access games. The failures, the successes, and how they’re changing the industry. From Minecraft to Project Zomboid, Scale, Tangiers and the Forest, we examine how early access has changed the economics of indie game production, for good and ill.

We also take a bite out of the poisoned apple of open world games. What makes them compelling? How have they developed? What does procedural generation hold in store for ‘fans of the genre’? Have open world games become stale? And most importantly, how can they be fixed?

Threat Detection Video Game Show - Episode 25 - 13/08/14 - Dancing with Bono by Radiomade on Mixcloud

Download: Episode 25

What is Threat Detection?

Threat Detection is a videogame chat show on Each week, hosts Gareth Stack & James Van De Waal take an hour or two to tear apart a videogame topic, like character, horror, or sex.

Threat Detection – Episode 24 – All Filler, No Killer


Gareth & James get together in the first Threat Detection for a while for a general chat about games. They talk about classic videogame publications like PC Gamer, C&VG and EGM, as well as the revival of classic games on sites like Good Old Games.

Threat Detection Video Game Show - Episode 24 - 05/08/14 - All Filler No Killer by Radiomade on Mixcloud

Download: Episode 24

What is Threat Detection?

Threat Detection is a videogame chat show on Each week, hosts Gareth Stack & James Van De Waal take an hour or two to tear apart a videogame topic, like character, horror, or sex.

Culture File Report – ‘Popical Island’

Image: Popical Island, literally ripped from the pages of Hot Press

I’ve long been enamoured of the sheer fun of Popical Island‘s albums and gigs. The label come collective feature numerous highly regarded Irish bands like Groom, Tieranniesaur, Squarehead, Big Monster Love and No Monster Club. This indy rock (I’d go as far as to say twee-pop, but I mean that as a compliment!) gang have moved to a new home on Little Brighton St, ‘The Pop Inn’. There they cook up new albums galore and cobble together gigs that have an atmosphere reminiscent of a beech boys video, without the hindsight about Brian Wilson later becoming a drug mental. I visited this cosy corner of the world earlier in the week, and spoke to the islanders about what makes them unique, and to No Monster Club’s Bobby Ahern about his upcoming booky wook, ‘D’You Remember Yer Man‘. Results above!

Music featured:
Cave Ghosts – ‘La Concha‘, No Monster Club – ‘Rock ‘N Roll Kids‘, Groom – ‘Golden Age‘.

Mad Scientists of Music – Copyright Bonus Episode


As promised, here’s the second bonus web only episode to accompany my series ‘Mad Scientists of Music’. Episode five of the series, ‘The Instrument of the Law‘ examined how changing technology and copyright laws are impacting music. This bonus episode fills in the blanks, addressing additional issues we didn’t get to talk about in detail, like creative commons, the legality of mashups, copyright as a promotional tool, and alternative business models at a time when music sales are in decline.

Download: Bonus Episode – Copyright

Issues Raised in the Programme

Great article on ‘The Economics of Girl Talk’, the mashup artist whose ostensibly illegal releases have somehow escaped the ire of the recording industry.

David Bowie’s predictions, a decade ago, on the future of the music industry.

More information on the proposed Irish Household Broadcast Charge.

Information on the work of the Irish Copyright Review Committee, including their final report, ‘Modernising copyright‘.

All the information publicly available on the secretive Trans-pacific partnership agreement, the new transnational agreement which will dictate which laws domestic governments can pass or amend to govern copyright.

If you’re interested in releasing or discovering work that uses a Creative Commons licence, here’s a link to the various Creative Commons Licences.

Article on recent Indian legal decisions relating to patents.

Eye opening article about the privatisation of Copyright Enforcement in Brazil.


Thanks to interviewees – Kieran Dold / Kara Kara, John Leech / Siam Collective, Dr Eoin O’Dell, MarQu VR, Ewan Hennelly, Meljoann, Simon Kenny (Bitwise Operator), Ed Devane, Andrew Edgar.

Threat Detection – Episode 23 – A.I. in Games (Part 2)

ellie in last of us

What’s Threat Detection?

Threat Detection is a lively, smart, frequently funny and always irreverent videogame chat show on Each week, hosts Gareth Stack & James Van De Waal take an hour or two to tear apart a videogame topic, like character, horror, or sex.

Threat Detection Video Game Show - Episode 23 - 08/07/14 - Artificial Intelligence in Games (Part 2) by Radiomade on Mixcloud

Download: Threat Detection – Episode 23

In the second part of our A.I. in games double bill, we focus on the companion character of ‘Ellie’ in ‘The Last Of Us’, perhaps the greatest accomplishment in videogame A.I.

Culture File – ‘The Mentalist’

I can’t quite believe it, they let me do it again! Recently the producers of Lyric FM’s daily culture programme ‘Culture File‘ took an interest in my documentary series Mad Scientists of Music, asking me to adapt a report on brilliant Northern Irish chiptune musician Chipzel for their show.

Last week they commissioned me to meet Irish mentalist Shane Gillen. Shane’s new show, which brilliantly combines stagecraft and magic is currently on in Smock Alley. Rather unbelievably, they allowed me to make this bonkers report about Shane and his journey into ‘mentalism’. I’m seriously amazed this went out on RTE radio. I actually got a call from a close friend right after it broadcast to tell me I’m crazy. Victory!

Shane’s show ‘Lapse‘ is running until July 12th, tickets here. I’d heartily recommend it.

The music used in this piece is all stolen / adapted from Simon Kenny’s brilliant Bitwise Operator release ‘Translation’. You can download the whole EP for free from bandcamp. Simon is also the creator of the incredible sound synthesiser ‘Oscar‘ , coming soon to iPad / Android, featured in the final episode of Mad Scientists.